HammerHeads Social Club

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Welcome to the Little Key West Hammerheads Club

Its Official, we are up and running now. Our first meeting is scheduled for June 5th with special musical guest, Beth Travers. The meeting is scheduled early at 11:00am until 2:30pm. We will have a meet & greet at 11:00, discuss some club ideas and listen to new members. More info will be added here as we get a little steam going. Sign Up below and you will be contacted via email with Meeting info and address of where it will be held.

Where Friends Are Family?

We are NOT an ONLINE Social Group but a group for people who enjoy great music and Great fun in the company of others.

What’s our Purpose?

To create a place for locals to get together for social activities and to create friendships. In September we will start our first charity segment of the club. Please make sure we have your correct email for newsletters and updates of the Club Frenzy.

Frenzy Schedule

June 5th – Musical Guest was Beth Travers

At Little Key West from 11:00am until 2:30pm (Musical Guest is Trop Rocker, Beth Travers)

Purpose: Meet & Greet Social and to discuss future plans of the club. 25 members of 48 showed up to enjoy the sounds of Beth Travers. Thank You all for coming out and I am sorry it was so hot!! Future Frenzy’s will be indoors/undercover at least through September.

July 10th – Musical Guest was John Beck

At the Golf Hammock Golf Club in Sebring and Music is by Stellar Steel Drummer John Beck. 11:30am until 2:30pm. Indoor event with A/C, Food and Drinks to Purchase. Club Event only.

August 14th – Musical Guest was Joe Downing

At the Golf Hammock Golf Club in Sebring and Musical Guest is Joe Downing. 11am until 2pm

September 11th – Musical Guest is TBA

At the Golf Hammock Golf Club in Sebring and Music is TBA. Coming Soon, Check Back often

Still working a plan for Charitable organizations worthy of our support. We will email everyone who joined here online details..

October 2nd – Musical Guest is Dave Signs

Location TBA and Music is Dave Signs. Check Back often for Location Update

NOV Will be at Capt Billys Private Oasis in Sebring – Details will be sent out in an email – Musical Guest TBA -Private – Veterans Food and Toiletries Donations

DEC 18th – Erica Sunshine Lee’s Christmas Show at Little Key West VIA ticket Purchase Only – Charity will be Toys for Tots, Bring an unwrapped toy to the show.

Jan ? TBA

Create a Social Club to have get togethers with friends

Donate to worthy charities

Listen to Great Music by Trop Rock Artists

Go on day trips

Group discussions about excursions and meeting places


Get Discounts for Little Key West Shows

Here is our Facebook Group Link: feel free to join


All we ask for is to be respectful of all of the members and treat them all as you would want to be treated.
Please do not join this group if you have no interest in coming to the MONTHLY meetings. We will be asking everyone as the group grows what would be their ideal day to meet. I know everyone will have their own views but will just vote on the day of the month each month and the most votes wins the day we meet. I think this is fair. Below is a sign up form for this club. I will notify everyone via email details of the next Frenzy (Meetings).

Sept 11th indoors with Musical Guest TBA.

Join the Hammerheads Social Club Where Friends are Family