Tiki Hut

The Tiki Hut was imagined after the talented Keith Goodson completed the mural on our fence. He painted a Tiki hut on the fence and I felt we had to bring that into the yard. I had always loved having a cold drink sitting under a Tiki Bar so I researched Tiki Hut builders and found the guys in Clewiston who were an Indian tribe that built these. So I hired them and it began to transform. After it was built, I began building a bar that is built with posts buried 3 ft in the ground and concreted. I wanted it to last. After I got that done, I had Keith Goodson create this amazing mural for the bar top. It is a true peace of art that is a focal point in the bar. I did have a few drinks while building it but that’s what it is for, Right? Enjoy the pictures. 


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